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Released for use under the BSD license. All further releases of this documentation must comply with the BSD licensing requirements.

phpMyBlacklist is a collection of documents and scripts for setting up and automating the administration of a email blacklist using Bind for DNS zone resolution, Apache + php + MySQL for administration and crontab + bash shell scripting to integrate the system.

  1. Installation instructions for all components, including:
    1. Name server setup to setup the required zone files (Based on BIND software):
      1. Modification of an existing domain zone to create the third level zone.
      2. Creation of the third level DNS zone.
      3. Inclusion of the third level zone into the named.conf config file.
    2. MySQL Setup:
      1. Creation of the required blacklist and whitelist zones.
      2. Username and database setup and permissions.
    3. Apache+PHP Setup:
      1. Configuration of the necessary files for database access
      2. Setup of the password protected administration page
      3. Setup of the optional public lookup page
    4. Shell Script Setup:
      1. Setup of the cronjob script to update the zone files
      2. Setup of the script to email statistical data to the primary manager
      3. Optional shell based addition scripts for adding to the blacklist/whitelist tables from the command line.
    5. Setting up your mail server:
      1. Test First: Test your zone file and test the web to db to cronscript is working.
      2. Setting up sendmail
      3. Setting up postfix
      4. Setting up qmail
      5. Setting up other mail servers
  2. Management instructions for the blacklist
    1. Discussion of who should have access to the blacklist administration page.
    2. Discussion of policy for removing IPs from the blacklist
    3. Discussion of where to place the public search page

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Copyright (c) 2004, Thomas A. Halter
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