phpMyBlacklist - Setup

Setup consists of setting up 5 seperate items. These are
  1. Name Server Setup
  2. MySQL Setup
  3. Apache+php Setup
  4. Bash Shell Scripting Setup
  5. Finally, setting up your mail server
Nameserver Setup consists of setting up a seperate zone for your blacklist. This is traditionally a third level DNS zone named appropriately, such as or simply or if you prefer

MySQL setup consists of setting up two tables. The two tables are a blacklist and whitelist. You need the whitelist so that your users do not accidently list IPs that you need to be allowed into the mail server, such as your mail server and web server IP addresses. The blacklist table is the magic of this system. With the table, you have the ability to create the list dynamically.

Apache+PHP is needed simply to host the administrative pages for this setup. The apache server must be able to talk to the MySQL server.

The shell scripts keep your zone up to date by accessing the database and adding any new IPs added to your DNS zone.

Let's begin with your Name Server Setup.

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