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phpMyBlacklist contains all the instructions for setting up a mail blocking blacklist. This is a common feature and there are a plethura of resources available that will provide good detailed instructions on setting up a DNS blacklist. This goes beyond that by providing a simple to use, well documented administrative script setup to impliment the blacklist, even allowing the lay user to participate and add IP addresses to the blacklist.

What this isn't is an all encompassing solution to the problem that is spam. The spam epidemic requires a multidisciplined approach, using email filters as well as blacklists to limit the damage. This provides one tool in the fight against spam, not an all encompassing solution.

How to use this: You may use this as you see fit, within the limits of the standard BSD license. I would recommend this be used in combination with other existing and free use blacklists, such as those from spamcop and spamhaus. I would also recommend the use of an hueristic filter, such as The Apache Foundation's execellent "SpamAssassin" filter.

Having said all that, the following pages consist of a manual to setup your very own blacklist. To do it, you need to use your own DNS server and and have a apache+php+mysql web server setup to use the administration scripts for this project. Beyond these basics, a simple shell script run by use of a crontab job will do the rest to make sure your blacklist is up and running smoothly.

If you run into any problems setting this up, we will try to help as much as possible; however, please realize we do this in our spare time and we may not be able to immediately respond to your questions. We will respond to as many of them as possible as quickly as possible.


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